Guidelines For The Perfect Picture Framing

Choosing the right picture framing for your art can be challenging especially of you have never done this before. There are a lot of frames you will find in the market, but you need to be careful since not all of them can fit your piece of art. There are certain aspects in a frame you need to check to ensure that the art you put in it will look perfect. Here are some of the picture framing guidelines to follow.

Consider the dimensions

It is a requirement that you select frame of the right size. The frames are provided in various sizes, so you need to know the right size that will fit your photo well. To choose the right size, it is necessary to consider your artwork dimensions to avoid making a mistake that can cost you a lot of money. The right frame should coordinate effectively with your piece of art. In most cases, picture frames that have oversized mats are more popular and can make even the small photos look impactful. However, note that the frames do work effectively with bigger pieces since they lack the required visual heft.

Where will you have the frame?

The right picture framing is also determined by where you will be hanging it. Before you go out to look for the frame, decide where you will be hanging it. If you have a narrow or tall wall, you need to go for a portrait frame that will suit this space more effectively. On the other hand, if you have a wide wall, you need to choose a landscape frame that will work perfectly for such space.

Right material

Choosing the correct frame material can have a great impact on the way your photo will feel in the space. In most cases, metal picture framing is associated with more contemporary aesthetic and work perfectly in modern spaces. On the other hand, wooden frames are available in a wide range of styles, so you have a wide range of selections to make. To avoid puling focus from your photo, it is advisable to go for frames with minimal detailing.


Picture frames are available in a wide range of finishes and colours, all which can have great influence on your piece of art. It is good to select a classic colour such as black or white and then have all the fun you need with the finish. As you choose the finish, get one that matches your room’s décor. Avoid those that are too thematic like a barn wood frame for picture framing in rustic lodges.

Go with your taste and preference

Like you do when you are shopping for any other item, you should not compromise your taste and preference. It is good to go for picture framing suiting your likes. With the many options in the market, it is hard to miss one that suits your taste. Besides, it is also possible for you to get fully customised picture framing meeting all your specifics.

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